Changing leaves mean crisp air, football, pumpkin everything, and most importantly, fall engagement sessions! Mother Nature has taken care of the backdrop for us, but what about the soon-to-be Mr. & Mrs.? Here is some advice for what to wear to your engagement session.


1.) Dress for the season

It’s fall. It’s the Midwest. Boots, scarves, sweaters, and jeans are what this season is all about. Imagine him in jeans, a button down, & a sweater, and you in boots, leggings, a dress, and a sweater. Fashionable & timeless! Light layers work best, because being covered with goosebumps and shivering is distracting when he’s whispering sweet nothings in your ear!

2.) Complement & coordinate, don’t match

Gone are the days of white shirts and jeans on everyone in the photo. If you’re in a photo together, we can safely assume there’s a connection without matching. Pick out the color family, such as bold primaries, pastels, neutrals, etc and wear clothes within the family. Contrasting colors work together too, such as a purple dress with his green striped (vertical stripes, NOT horizontal) button down.


3.) Dress on the same scale

You two want to match the level of “dressiness”. For example, if you’re wearing a cocktail dress & a great pair of heels, have your man wear slacks, dress shoes, and a button down. He may even add a jacket, vest, and/or tie. Also, dress to complement the location of the session. If you’re in Vegas, (like my husband & I) dress to the nines, if you’re in a park, go for a more casual picnic in the park date outfit.

4.) Fit & structure is fundamental

Think structured jackets, belts, fitted shirts, pea coats, and a nice fitting pair of jeans. Baggy, flowy, or comfy clothes add volume. Thin scarves rather than chunky scarves are ideal, as to not cover up your neck. If you are in love with a flowy dress, accessorize with a belt to cinch around your natural waist or add a structured jacket. If it’s chilly outside, wear your nice pea coat, not the big ski coat. It’ll act as a quick outfit change and keep you toasty! Fit & structure, however, does not mean tight! Get clothes that fit you well, and you feel great in, not based on the number on the label.


5.) Accessorize!

His watch, your favorite necklace, your engagement ring (of course), and a nice belt will create a finished outfit and make for awesome detail shots (my personal favorite!). Don’t go overboard, though, so the accessories don’t distract from your lovestruck smiles. Also, get your engagement ring cleaned! It will be a focal point throughout the shoot.

6.) Give your nails some love

A simple mani/pedi does the trick. Don’t let your polish color distract from your engagement ring. A pale pink will complement every skin tone.



7.) Sleeves are your friend

When it comes to slimming your arm, besides kettle bells, sleeves are the best. Cap sleeves, long lacy sleeves on a dress, and ¾ sleeves on your favorite sweater will all do the trick.

8.) Stray away from horizontal stripes

Horizontal stripes make people look wider and chests awkward. We highly recommend not wearing clothing with horizontal stripes while you’re being photographed. However, if you have narrow hips, a horizontal striped pencil skirt can work. It’s all about knowing your shape!


9.) Shoes & socks are important too

Your shoes & socks will be in photos. Take time to polish, or at least clean, your footwear. Socks will show since you will be sitting, lifting, dipping, and more. It’s a good place to coordinate colors too! Get him a special pair of socks that are the same color as your sweater.

10.) Wrinkles, rips, tears, holes, oh no!

Imagine what your grandmother would say! Or you in 10 years! Get the iron off of the top shelf of your closet and give your clothes a fresh steam. If you are driving any sort of distance, I recommend hanging up your clothes in the back and dressing when you arrive for your photos.


At the end of the day, we want you to feel fantastic about the way look, which is going to translate into your photos. Utilize this advice and have fun planning your outfits for your session. If you’re unsure of his second outfit, or what jewelry you should accessorize with, or anything else, bring it along, we’ll gladly help you decide!