Wedding packages


Frequently asked

Who are my Photographers?

Ideally, Scott and me (Meg).  However, life sometimes has other ideas which means we have to talk about a backup!  We do have the right to find a back up if neededIF we need to find a back up, rest assured the person will be just as good, if not better than us. I understand the importance of your day and will not bring anyone into the fold if they cannot handle it.

What equipment do you use?

We use both professional Canon and Panasonic equipment.  And our backup equipment is just as good as our go-to gear.  Gear does break down, (people that say otherwise are lying to you) But you will never know if you hire us because we are prepared for whatever comes our way on your wedding day!! 

What is my retainer and When is it Due?

The retainer is $1500 and is due at the time of booking.  This amount buys your date and eventually turns into our payment toward your packages as service and product is exchanged. For this reason, the retainer is non-refundable should you choose to cancel your wedding for any reason.

Talk to me about your covid policy….

Who would ever have thought we needed a Covid/Pandemic policy?!?!?  There is more to our Covid policy but here is the deal in a nutshell:  If the government 100% shuts down weddings (like they did in the spring of 2020) they you may reschedule without penalty within 1 year of the original date.  
If the Government has not 100% shut down weddings but you still do not want to get married on your date due to personal reasons that are because of the Covid-19 restrictions, then you can reschedule after paying a $500 reschedule fee.  

Do you have insurance?

Hell yes!  We pay taxes too.  Do not hire anyone that doesn’t.

Why should we hire Meg + Scott?

I get it, there are so many professional photographers and other “photographers” out there.  I think with who you hire, whether it be me or anyone else,  you must trust your eye and your gut.
You hire us if you like our style and quality of images, first and foremost.
You hire us if you trust that we will make your wedding better having us there.
You hire us because you feel there is an equal exchange in value between the price paid and the quality, service and experience you will receive from us.
You hire us because we have been working together and photographing weddings for years and we have so many reviews to back us up. 
You hire us because we understand that your day is A WEDDING and not some photoshoot for a photographer to take over your day. Your experience takes priority over any pose, location, photo idea someone might have.