There is a ton of excitement for 2015 at Image Society! For one, Scott and I are having a baby! Well…I am having the baby and Scott is the daddy! 🙂

The other change is the new studio and office space! We are getting a ton of questions: Where is it? What does it look like? Why are you not there yet? When are you moving in?

It is time to fill everyone in.

The location of the space is just off the Old Market at 1408 Howard and we are on the second floor.

Here are some really cruddy images we took on our phones the very first time we saw the space! We said yes pretty much immediately. If you know us well, you know that we are really good at seeing past the grime for the beauty that this space will be!


As you can see, the walls are plaster, no brick, a sagging ceiling and really rough flooring. It all is going to change!

The next time we went to see the space, it was cleared out so we could start laying out where the walls are going to be.


We were able to view the space just last week again. The ceiling was dropped to expose the rafters and they also started to tear down the plaster to expose the most amazing brick! The whole thing is going to be brick!! Can’t. freaking. wait!


The move in is either March or June. We are avoiding April and May on purpose because of the baby and the start of wedding season. As something cool happens, we will keep you posted on the progress!