Are dogs welcome?

Of course!

What do I wear?

Coordinate, but do not match. Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration for what to wear.
Once you find your colors, shop your own closet first. You will find you already have really cute summer clothes. Also, have fun too. If your kids want to wear super hero outfits, then let them go for it.
But as a general rule, here are options that work: small patterns, solid colors, fitted
What does not work: horizontal stripes, bright white, overly flowy shirts, avoid green as out background will mostly be green, heels (you will sink at the pond- wedges are ok)

What should we bring?

-Bug spray
-Blanket to sit on that matches your outfits (I do have a grey one I will have with me!)
-Favorite toys for the littles (books, squeakers, ect)
I find that kids are more comfortable with their stuff and it is cute photos even if they are playing
-Snack/Drinks for when they are done
-A great attitude!
My goal is to capture your family having fun, not perfect smiles at the camera. (we will get that too) All you need to tell the kids is we are going to go see Meg at the farm and take fun photos. Nothing else as that only adds pressure to everyone!

But...we start bedtime at that time...

Obviously, do what is best for your family. BUT…in my experience, kids can power through one off-schedule night. The farm is a blast and they will be so excited taking it all in! By the time they get cranky, the session is over. So please do not let the time deter you.
I chose that time of day because that when we get shade and also so we did not have intense heat!