It is time to show off another sneak peak and I am so excited!  I know the couple is excited too because they REALLY wanted to see their images so soon after the wedding.  But quality takes time. So to whet their appetite, I am going to show a few highlights from the day.

I very much loved being a part of this day. For one, the colors were purple and grey, which I love. I even wore the wedding colors, not on purpose, but because I just own a lot of purple and grey! The wedding party was an absolute blast and the families were so welcoming as well. And the weather…it WAS PERFECT!!!! Even though that did not matter because the venues they booked are stunning on the inside as well: St Margret Mary’s and The Josyln Art Museum.  Hello!!! Best day ever!!!  The couple also implemented all of our scheduling suggestions (thank you!!!), so we had a ton of time to get amazing photos without feeling rushed or missing another part of the day! It was a photographers dream day to have so much time and such stunning locations and in turn, they get stunning images.  Can’t wait to show you the rest soon!

-MegSt. Margret Mary's Wedding 1St. Margret Mary's Wedding 2

Joslyn Art Museum Wedding 1 Joslyn Art Museum Wedding 2 Joslyn Art Museum Wedding 2