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Frequently asked

Who are my Photographers?

I AM! (Meg Sockel)

What should I bring to my session?

Before we photograph, I will have asked you to send me photos of the outfits you are think of bringing. I do this so I can be inspired by your looks but also to make sure you have the perfect variety. Bring the outfits we have discussed but also feel free to bring accessories and additional options. You will find us mixing and matching throughout the session.

What if I’m not as skinny as I planned or I feel puffy on the day of my shoot? Can I cancel?

I understand but we ALL have those days.  But the truth is… that is how YOU FEEL and not how you actually look. It’s perception vs reality. The reality is you are beautiful! Quite frankly, that excuse is silly and no – you can not cancel for that reason. You need to trust me to capture the best you, which I will and you will love your images and thank me later.

How long does it take before I can see my photos?

I am exhausted after a session, so I do have you come back to view your photos after I have had time to edit and few them with fresh eyes.  We will book a viewing session at the time we photograph you. Typically, I want you to come back in 1-2 weeks after the session. At the viewing, you will be asked to pick out your images that will go in your album or other products.

What should I expect during my session?

Expect the session to last roughly 2 hours. Expect to work together to find the best poses and angles that will compliment you and show off who you are. Expect to laugh and have fun.

Should I go tanning before my shoot?

Tanning is fine, but to be honest I do not like it. Also, if you tan too much, you will look orange and I cannot fix orange. I prefer a spray tan done by an actual professional. They can dial in the perfect color and make sure you look even and perfect!

Will you be using my photos on your website?

While I do reserve the right to use non-identifying images that do not show your face, you will have complete control over photos that show your face. Within the model release, the client will be able to have the right as to what images can be used. Online galleries are password protected. If I do anything with your images online, you will know about it before I post!


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