Over the past few wedding seasons we have seen an increase in mismatched bridesmaid dresses, usually where the bride chooses a color, and each maid chooses their own shade, length, neckline, and style. We approve, plus there are many benefits!2014-08-27_0010


First, doesn’t it look awesome?! Bridesmaid dresses have come a long, long way from looking like curtains your grandmother has had up in her living room since 1959.

Secondly, weddings cost money for everyone involved. Your bridal party is honored to be a part of your day, and are happy to incur the expenses that come with it. Not everyone is on the same budget, though. Let your bridesmaids purchase a dress that is in their price range, and that they will want to wear again, so it’s economical all around.

Furthermore, everyone loves to feel amazing. Your ‘maids will thank you for letting them pick out a style that flatters their body type, which is especially nice for the mommas-to-be. Also, it allows them to show off their personal style and feel confident while they’re tearing up the dance floor with you! When you look through your wedding album down the road, you’ll be reminded of each of your friends’ personalities and why you chose them to be by your side.

However, before you tell your girls to pick out whatever they want, keep in mind that there is a matching element to mismatched bridesmaid dresses. I recommend keeping at least two constants within your bridesmaids’ complete look. The constants could be matching bouquets, accessories, jewelry, shoes, hair style, or matching specifications with the dresses, such as hue, fabric, neckline, and length. This way, you’ll have a cohesive look to your entire bridal party.


If you love the idea of mismatched bridesmaid dresses, but are nervous that it will end up looking like a clash of closets, here are some tips:

-Create a board on Pinterest dedicated to bridesmaid dresses that fall within your vision. Be sure to share with your maids so they can see exactly what you are thinking.
-Pick up some paint chips from the hardware store to hone in on a color family. Your bridesmaids can take the samples with them while they shop to make sure they’re on the right track.
-Have your girls send you photos of potential dresses they have found. That way you can give the final approval before they purchase it.
-Use lots of adjectives when describing the parameters of the dresses! Describe the fabric, length, style, and hue. (Think: elegant, modern, retro, vintage, timeless, simple, Grecian, Gatsby, floral, lacy, vivid, pastel, jewel tone, above-the-knee, floor-length, a-line, etc. The more adjectives the better!
-Suggest designers or stores for your girls to begin their search. This makes it easier for them to get started to find a bridesmaid dress that both you & her will love.
-Have your gift to each bridesmaid be one of the constants that they will wear on your wedding day. This ensures cohesiveness, but also is economical for you and your ‘maids.


Happy Wedding Planning! Keep checking our blog for recent weddings and engagements and more tips and trends that we love.