I have been waiting to post these photos forever it seems!  I couldn’t do a sneak peak because the couple had an Omaha reception and wanted to surprise those guests with the first showing of the images! But as you can see, we all went to Mexico. To Beach Palace Resort in Cancun to be specific.  The wedding was June 8. I mention the date because I want to point out that the temperature in Omaha that day was the same as in Cancun. (HOT!) However, we were a bit cooler in Mexico because of those amazing ocean breezes! Nonetheless, it was still hot!

The wedding day was fast and furious for everyone.  We could only be in certain places for a certain amount of time before the next wedding came through, or because we needed to get out of the way of the hotel guests. But we were able to get all the photos in, still get married, dance and end the day in the pool! To have the ocean as our backdrop was stunning to say the least!

Part of why we love traveling with our clients is we really become part of the wedding and the family, rather than just a vendor. When we met this couple, they really were only looking at hiring someone to just do engagement and the Omaha reception. After explaining the benefits of taking us with them to Mexico, we were hired! But that was the only time I felt like a vendor. Because after that, Katrina and Adam made us feel like one of the family. They wanted my opinion for wedding colors, time of day to get married and other stuff that I just really love. Watching Adam and Katrina get married was really like watching close friends.  I couldn’t have felt more thankful to have been there!

For those planning a destination wedding, this resort was on the smaller side compared to other resorts we have done weddings at. Which actually was a bonus.  It didn’t take 30 minutes to go to your room to grab something!  We found that the larger resorts/properties in the Rivera Maya area are like little towns or campuses. It can take forever to get to the beach, your room or most important: the bar.  Other bonuses of this resort were it was kid friendly, so if you have a kiddo that needs to be in the wedding party, they will have fun! There was a lot of food and the staff was super friendly. Plus they were extremely accommodating to my gluten allergy!  THANK YOU!! The Resort was also very close to downtown Cancun. So if you want to enjoy going off the resort, this was a major plus! The night we got there, we headed out to Señor Frogs, which was an absolute blast and I highly recommend going!

Thank you Adam and Katrina for bringing us with you! We are thankful for your trust in us and for your friendship! Enjoy of few of my favorites!



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