Their last name is actually Love! For real, how great of a name is that for a wedding?!?!

Megan and Zach (the couple) are the cutest couple ever. I think why I like them so much is they are not reserved in how they show each other how they feel. They are unabashed in how they laugh, dance, smile and hold each other. They also have this overwhelming awareness of each other that is amazing to see in a couple. It is like new, fresh teenage love mixed with the test of time love you see in couple being married for 60 years.  I’m not sure if I am explaining this correctly, so take away this: they love each other and it is heartwarming to watch!

I should go without saying that the bride is stunning!  Those cheek bones! So jealous. The groom dropped when he saw his bride!  Remember when I said this couple is unreserved? Yes, his reaction is the kind of passion I know all of my grooms feel but do not know how to express. But Zach can express it. His reaction had me in tears, as well as probably everyone else!

This wedding was so much fun!  I am so excited to show the couple the rest of the images. Enjoy the sneak peak!!


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