What to say about Niki and Adam…for starters, they are gorgeous people. If they choose to have babies, I am sure that the babies will be stunning as well. Aside from looks, they are great people that know what they want and really like to have fun! From the minute I walked into the wedding, it was all smiles from everyone. So I knew I was in for a great day.

The wedding day was hot, which is expected for a July wedding. The bride also wore her long hair down. These 2 facts can usually mean a problem. In my experience, brides that wear their hair down on the hottest day of the year, will usually end up with straight, sweaty hair by the end of photos. I hear stylist say all the time that the curls will last… but I am here to tell you that they do not. I do not care what the stylist says or how much hair spray one uses…water ruins hair. But, my super prepared bride had time built into the schedule and ladies lined up to re-curl, fix, re-pin and refresh her ‘do before the reception!  GENIUS!!  Future brides, take notes: if you want to wear your hair down during a super hot day, please do! It will look amazing. But then take the time to have your hair fixed again at some point in the day!

Friends and family at this wedding were amazing! I loved the wedding colors. I loved the brides dress. I loved that the men wore dark navy and brown shoes. I just really loved this wedding! 🙂

Please enjoy a few of my favorites from the day!


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