It was a sunny, July day that the bride & groom, along with all of their family and friends, will always remember as one of their favorites. Jess & Tony were married at St. Stephen the Martyr, the bride’s family’s parish & her elementary school. Bridesmaids told stories of their past teachers and classmates as they were getting ready. Stories of preceding family weddings were also shared because their wedding date, July 16th, was originally picked 30-some years ago by the bride’s parents, and also five years ago by the bride’s older sister. You can say tradition is very important to Jess & Tony, their families, and the wedding party.

I can see why Tony was so quick to fall for Jess, and Jess for Tony. Tony has this certain smile he only shares with Jess- it is genuine and is accented with a sparkle in his eyes. Jess has the bluest eyes I have ever encountered, and they especially light up around Tony. Their laughter and love for one another shined through starting with the gorgeous details of their day, into the ceremony, and all the way through to their amazing & fun reception at Indian Creek Golf Course.

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Gentile! Here are some of my favorites, and I cannot wait to show you the rest.