In my family, I only have one sibling and so does Scott. While I love my one and only sibling, I am always fascinated by larger families. I think of random things like “how loud their house must have been growing up” and “how much food that many kids could eat!” (told you it was random) In this wedding, the bride is one of 5!  FIVE!! The groom is one of 3.  Add spouses and adorable nieces and nephews from both sides…well friends, let me tell you, this equals one BIG wedding party! But honestly, that many people never phases me at a wedding.  Because having that many people LOVE on the bride and groom is a really magical thing to be a part of! For example, not a detail was missed by the brides sisters throughout the day because they truly wanted the couple to have the best day ever, no matter what! Personally, having been a part of the day, I think our stunning couple did have a really great day! It was one that Scott and I were truly honored to be a part of!!

I also need to say how much I loved the venue! LOVED IT!  It was at the Holland Center in Omaha, Nebraska. It was perfection for a photographer and I could have photographed there all day, but the couple did have to get married at some point! The following images are just a few that made my heart stop a bit. In the full collection, there are many, many more. Please enjoy!


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