From Bump to baby

Pregnancy: let’s be honest...

It is arguably the most exciting time in your life. However, the unknown can be overwhelming. But I am here to tell you, as soon as you feel that first kick, your world changes forever and this all becomes so real.

Why a maternity session?

Women need to see their bodies in a way that shows how amazing it is that we get to carry a child. Between the hormones and body changes, it is easy to forget that this time will not last forever. It is also easy to forget you have never looked more beautiful. With all attention on the baby, it is YOU creating life and you deserve to be celebrated.

Women need images to pass on to their children. Do you have an image of your mom pregnant with you? Now imagine having that image of you to show your future child when they start their family…

Women need to feel beautiful.
YOU need to feel beautiful.
Pregnancy deserves to be cherished.
Pregnancy deserves to be documented.

So let’s have a little fun and take some photos! Your session will empower you, remind you how beautiful and strong you are and make you even more excited to meet your new tiny human.

Love, Meg